Fairies gather on the Walk for Fairytale Fun

Every Sunday the Fairies gather at their favourite shop on the famous “Gallery Walk” Long Road, Tamborine Mountain – for “Fairytale Fun” at Flights of Fancy. Our special session with the Fairy Queen is held for one hour at 11.00am and includes dressing up, stories, games, a craft activity and a free gift from your Fairy Queen at the end of the session. Your children will be royally entertained and kept safe Xenophon’s social gaming antipathy dates back to November 2011, as he was worrying about DoubleDown Casino doubling lower on poisoning youthful children’s minds. with our fairies at all times.

Our Storytime Bower is beautifully set for an hour of fantasy and fun.

Fairy Chloe, Fairy Jade and Fairy Caitlin come all the way from Fairyland to share their magic, sometimes a naughty little elf drops in, we are never quite sure when but he is always lots of fun.

Fairy toadstools and twinkling trees, flowers and butterflies, fairies and birds abound in this magical place.

Bookings are recommended as our sessions fill quickly.
to book call (07) 55451157 any day 9.30-4pm

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